Breathtaking Baha’i Temple Rises in Chile

Ninety-five years ago, an American woman traveled alone throughout South America with the aim of spreading awareness of a new religion that had begun in Persia a few decades earlier. She crossed the Andes mountains on the back of a mule over an ancient trail 10,400 feet above sea level, wearing “three suits of woolen underwear, two sweaters, two coats and a steamer rug” to keep from freezing. At one point of the journey, she and her travel guides went through a dark tunnel that “took over an hour in stumbling, slipping blackness in which the frightened mules shied and fell.” She said many prayers for protection for her traveling party. Her name was Martha Root, and her prayers on that journey were the first Baha’i prayers to be said in the Andes Mountains, and her trip the first time the Baha’i teachings were brought to Chile. Read the full story